Human Capital

Recruitment and Dismissal

The employment of child and underage workers is strictly prohibited in the Group. In relation to the Group’s operations in the PRC, the Group has adopted the identity authentication system of the PRC Public Security Bureau as part of the Group’s procedures to identify and restrict child workers. Additionally, forced labour is also strictly restricted by the Group. In this respect, a whistle-blowing system is in place for employees to report on any suspected child and forced labour cases. The Group respects employees’ human rights and prevents any actions that inhibit freedom such as the retention of employees’ identity cards and passports, impounding wages, restriction on the time in and out of factories, and forced overtime.

Occupational Safety and Health

The Group’s employee health and safety policies and standards comply with relevant international and local laws and regulations, including the requirements under the ISO45001 (an international occupational health and safety management system), and the SA8000 (an auditable social certification standard for workplaces across all industrial sectors).

The Group has established an advanced detection and monitoring system and organised periodically seminars on health and safety to reinforce employee awareness of safety policies and capabilities in handling machinery and hazardous materials. For the protection of front-line employees, the Group proactively introduces safety equipment such as on-site industrial ventilation systems and “Emergency Eyewash”, and devotes to investing in the automation of various manufacturing tasks associated with its operations to replace high-risk or repetitive tasks. It’s able to improve industrial safety and let employees to focus on high value-added elements in the manufacturing process. Moreover, the working hours and rest periods of the Group’s employees also comply with applicable local laws and regulations and follow the labour standards suggested in the RBA Code of Conduct. The Group strictly prohibits from behaviors that might be injurious to the employees’ health such as over-time working.

Equal Wages and Anti-Discrimination

The Group’s remuneration policy is merit-based. The Group evaluates employees performance and determines theirs promotions and wage increments accordingly. The Group is an equal opportunity employer and its employment policies require that recruitment, promotion, performance evaluation, wages assessment, training opportunities and retirement must be people-oriented, lawful, fair and without discrimination based on gender, age, nationality, race, religion, family status, political affiliation, disability, sexual orientation and union membership. Also, the Group promotes diversity in the workplace and protects female employees’ rights and health.