Enviromental Stewardship

Energy Management and Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction

The Group implements of the ISO50001 energy management system which drives progress using the model of continual improvement and monitors, reviews and evaluates the energy use of each business unit/group and rewards top performers. By leveraging a range of energy-saving and GHG emission reduction technologies, the Group actively promotes energy efficiency management and renewable energy utilisation and hence corresponding GHG emission reduction.

While all lighting and air conditioning systems adhere to high energy efficiency and GHG emission reduction standards, the Group is also adopting a phased approach to replace existing equipment with energy-saving and GHG emission reduction models. During the Reporting Period, major technology upgrades have been made in certain production facilities at Langfang, the PRC (which obtained the ISO50001 energy management system certification), including the introduction of a variety of energy-saving and emission reduction equipment such as light steam engines adoption to reduce 588,000 tonnes of steam; obsolete lights with LED (light-emitting diode) replacement to save 1,020,000 kWh; energy-efficient air guns procurement to reduce 3,970,000 m of compressed air usage.

Water Treatment and Utilisation

The Group strictly complies with local regulations regarding wastewater discharge and actively promotes the reduction and reuse of wastewater. With that, the Group adopts the use of reclaimed water throughout its production lines in order to reduce the impact of manufacturing on the environment.

Industrial wastewater is treated with a vacuum distillation system, reducing up to an average of 550 tonnes of wastewater discharge per month. Also, at certain facilities in Langfang, the PRC, discharge from cooling towers is treated by reverse osmosis and reused for flushing purposes. The Group’s systems have the capacity to produce an average of 550 to 700 tones of reusable water per day.

Waste Management

The Group strictly complies with local regulations regarding waste disposal, and only engages collectors licensed by the local authorities for the collection of sludge, and also utilises sludge drying to reduce outsourced sludge collection costs. In addition, the Group works to maximise waste recycling actively, and leverages design and technology to transform waste into usable resource inputs.

At the Group’s production facilities in Vietnam and Langfang, the PRC, old wooden and plastic pallets are collected, cleaned and reused to avoid the unnecessary generation of waste. In 2020, the weight of the sludge disposed of in the landfill was reduced by 2,540 tonnes and 451,620 kilograms of wooden pallets and 139,000 kilograms of plastic pallets were reused, instead of disposal.

Recycled Materials

The Group actively promotes the use of environmentally-friendly materials and devotes to the recycling of waste and the use of renewable materials. The Group has conducted research to develop and design environmentally-friendly products that are sustainable.

Specific information on types and volume of materials used represents commercially sensitive information of customers. Notwithstanding this, the Group strives to reduce the environmental impacts of packaging materials by actively engaging and collaborating with its suppliers and customers.