Vendor Registration

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The Sub-Saharan Africa Development Board Ghana (SSADBG) is pleased to announce that registering with SSADBG is now a “One-Step” fully “MANUAL” process. In its continued partnership with the Marketplace, SSADBG have worked together to provide vendors with a powerful yet easy-to-use tool to prepare and submit an application for registration with SSADBG. In addition, the registration criteria has been revised and now allows vendors to select the level of business activity they wish to participate in that best matches their capacities, business scope and commercial strategy.

Why Register?

After making yourself familiar with the SSADBG business opportunities at the SSADBG Expression of Interest website, registering with SSADBG is the first step to be considered for participating in tendering exercises in an easy and systematic way. Since the SSADBG Secretariat is currently implementing a new ERP system, registering with SSADBG through SSADBG will provide access to all SSADBG Secretariat entities, including Field Missions, Offices away from Headquarters, Economic Commissions and Tribunals.

To obtain a copy of the Vendor Registration Form, apply electronically to CSD@ssadbg.org.

Information that will be requested are:

Company Name, Company type, License number, Country/Area, Telephone number, Number of employees
Company address
Registration type
Contact Uss: including name, title, telephone, e-mail, etc.
Line of business

Registering your interest means the information you have submitted will be stored in our secure supplier database and you may be considered for upcoming opportunities.

It does not mean you will automatically be pre-qualified to supply to SSADBG. Should a relevant opportunity arise, you may be shortlisted for pre-qualification and contacted in due course.

SSADBG is committed to operating responsibly, and as part of our approach, any supplier engaged by SSADBG must demonstrate the same high regard and commitment to the following areas:

Safety management
Environmental control and management
Quality management
Corporate compliance
Local content

For information on what we expect from our suppliers and more about how we do business, please see Tullow’s Policies and standards Further terms and conditions governing your use of this form are found below.
Terms & Condition Agreement.

Any information provided or transmitted by you shall be considered confidential and proprietary, and SSADBG has no right to use, copy, distribute and disclose to third parties any such information for any purpose. Neither SSADC nor or any of its personnel shall be liable for any loss, whether direct, indirect or consequential, arising from or in connection with any information submitted electronically and actions or transactions resulting therefrom. Please call the responsible staff to confirm delivery of any information/material to this Department.

For assistance with registering as a vendor with SSADBG, please write us at CSD@ssadbg.org.